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Cope Middle School

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Library Expectations

  1. Great reasons to be in the library: to READ, LOOK FOR BOOKS, WORK ON HOMEWORK, and DO RESEARCH.
  2. If you want to visit the library at lunch, you must get a Library Lunch Pass from the counselors or administration.
  3. Eating and drinking should be done outside of the library. NO EATING, DRINKING, or GUM CHEWING is permitted.
  4. Talking and working together is encouraged, but voices should be kept QUIET
  5. Be respectful of all students, adults, and library materials.
  6. Computers are to be used for school purposes only
  7. Printing is available. Printing may only be done for school-related purposes.  For color printing there is a 2-page limit (additional pages are 10 cents each).  
  8. Please bring your ID card to check out books.
  9. Books can be checked out for 4 weeks at a time.  You can renew the books one time, but you must bring the book in to renew it.  You may check out up to 3 books at one time.  
  10. Please sit on the chairs or cushions.  Please do not sit on the floor.  It can limit access to bookshelves.
  Please remember to return your books on time!   HAPPY READING!